I need relationship advice (female, 16) Lust or love? The idea of him or HIM?

I have a thing with my friend who (Male 16) I am just honest, I end up saying what's on my mind. I cannot hold a conversation, for I am an awkward person. I don't know if I like the idea of him or him. I love being around him and he's a wonderful person. I care for him deeply. But sometimes I want physical contact too (we aren't dating, but we like each other). We don't want anything to be rushed which is why we aren't dating.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Well you will never know until you guys take the chance. Ask him out. If he says no i wanna take it slow then respect that. As for your feelings, they are lust. The idea of him makes you think your in love but your not. Can you see him with you in the future? Is he a nice guy? Does he treat you good? Does having a relationship with him excite you? If you cant answer these questions with 100 percent certainty then its not love. The fact your asking which one it is shows me its lust. When you truly love someone you wont question it because you will know you are in love.

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