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Is there a correlation in mental illness and poverty with these mass shootings?

There seems to be two types of mass killings.  One is mental illness blaming someone else for your problem and targeting just a certain group like the Jersey shooting and the El Paso shooting, the other is mental illness due to anti-social behavior but targeting anyone like the Vegas shooting and school shootings.  Both these types seem to involve financial difficulties.  I understand the Vegas shooter had money but apparently he lost a lot from gambling.  I wonder what would happen if no one was living in poverty, if we would still have these mass killings.

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    I don't think either is mental illness. It's complete hatred and frustration at being ignored.

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    8 months ago

    yes. the perpetrators think they are helping to rid us of people like themselves 

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    8 months ago

    No. The only correlation is the widespread availability of guns.

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    Yes and precisely why the right wingers' argument that armed guards in American schools will help is absolute rubbish, a suicidal shooter will just aim at the guard, won't care if he gets shot first because he was going to shoot himself at the end of the massacre anyway, may succeed in shooting the guard first and still carries out the massacre, then shoots himself. So the only answer is restrictions.

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  • mokrie
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    Half are politically motivated. The Jersey shooting was political hatred of the Jews. The Vegas shooting was a fan of antifa killing all right wing concert goers. The El Paso shooter politically hated Mexicans coming into America. School shootings are just evil hate for everyone. Money has nothing to do with it. As for mental illness, very few are really mentally ill. Most are simply filled with hate.

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