Am I overreacting or should I see a doctor?

So I’ve been known to be a hypochondriac because like many others I read WebMD too much and try to self diagnose. Today I’ve been having some ear pain/pressure along with right side pressure on my head like i can feel exactly where the pressure is if i gently push down on my head. Its like a dull ache and its on right side in the middle of my head. This didn’t start until today. I’m also having ear ringing like a constant buzzing sound in both ears but its louder in my right one. I started a new job this week and they let me wear me wear my earphones at work and i keep them probably most of my shift so i was exposed to pretty loud music not to mention i also use my over the ear headphones when i get home which I also keep at a pretty high volume. I noticed when i had those on today they made my right ear ring more so i stopped listening with any kind of headphones at all. Yesterday I also had a weird toothpain/jaw pain but it went away. I work at a computer all day so could it be that I’m not adjusted to staring at a screen all day and it’s causing these problems? Or could it be the headphones thing or something more serious? I have a doctors appointment next week for something completely unrelated (my wrist) and I was wondering if i should mention it if it doesn’t go away. My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer so I’m scared it could be something serious. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    See a doctor.............

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