Is this a red flag?

I started talking to this guy about one week ago. We hung it yesterday after school and just talked for a bit and he drove me home. Since then we talked about “hanging out” again maybe catch a movie or grab some food. Obviously he likes me and I like him cause otherwise I would say no, but the thing is, he wants to talk to me everyday. We snap constantly which I was fine with at first but it’s been one week and I haven’t had any time away from him enough to miss talking to him. He told me today he was going to see a movie with his friend and I said to have fun and left his snap on open after. He then sent streaks 20 mins later and I left that on open cause I wanted him to enjoys the movie with his friend but then he snapped me again and said “yo I’m paranoid did I do something wrong?” To which I said “lmao no I just didn’t want to annoy you while you watched the movie” and he said “oh ok good I got scared.” Is this a red flag like is he clingy or something?

2 Answers

  • 10 months ago

    No I don't think so. Usually when you first start dating guys it's a good thing. It shows he's really interested. He'll done it down more and more the longer you guys have been dating.

  • 10 months ago

    YIKES! Yes, that's a red flag. Normal men do not act like that. They're far more likely to leave you on read just because they don't want to seem too eager or like you have too much power over them. You can try telling this gy you just don't have enough time to text all the time, but that probably won't work. You may find it hard to break up with him. Try telling him you're not ready get involved yet because you had a bad break up. Guys seem to believe that. 

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