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Am I over thinking the situation?


Please tell me if i'm over thinking the situation..

I started dating a guy who I've been super close to for over 3 years. He tells me he really likes me but wants to take it slow, which i'm completely OK with! Its been about 2 months now and we are starting to get a little more serious. He has 2 really close girl "friends". Once again, I'm completely fine with that! One day his friend kept calling and texting him and he was sleeping... so I opened the text to see if she was ok...

Update 2:

I saw a response from him which said "you can pay me with food and occasional back rubs".. They were talking about how she just started doing tattoos and she needed a favor and that was his response. TO ME that is flirting, to him it was a joke because they are best friends. I let that situation go. Another situation happened today where he was showing me a text from his other best girl "friend" I happened to see another text that I didn't really like.. She was having trouble with her ex..

Update 3:

Which is now her current boyfriend. She was saying how she wanted to leave him and stuff. He lives at her house even though they aren't together at the moment.. His response was "You are more than welcome to come over and hangout or even crash anytime you want". I think they may have had a fling or something in the past but to me thats sketchy.. He talks to these girls at least 4/5 times a week but mostly on the phone. He used to be secretive and walk away until I confronted him about it..

Update 4:

Maybe I'm over thinking it? I'm not sure what to think about it. He's said other things like "i'll pick you up and we can go on a drive and talk" I'm ok with that but the backrub and the sleeping over thing isn't ok with me.. He tells me he wants to take things really slow but for some reason I feel like he lies to me. We hangout ALL the time but I still feel like there are some red flags...

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    Yes.  You are....

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