Why do a lot of police enjoy abusing people and making someone's life miserable ? A lot of these police are barbaric and even hurt women?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Some are bullies. Either a bully in school Or, Bullied  in school. This is a proven fact. I  asked a lawyer who specialized in suing cops for excess force. i can see female officers getting too  rough with a female accused; not so much Male cops. Lawsuits abound, my cty. got sued and Lost  $5 million over a male cop illegally searching female accused,. 

    Not All,  of course.You only see  the "dirty  laundry" on liberal pres.. Never the Armed Citizen Helping an officer. Nor the TPD that took down that drunk shooter  2 doors from me,  without Shooting Him. Could see muzzle flashes  from my Bedroom Window..

    I've noted, smaller dept's and the younger  the accused, the worse. Cochise county  cops are Bad,  Pima far more mellow.  Cotati PD has 8 whole officers; They  Suck.  Petaluma must have 250.   At 62, I am actually Helped when my motorcycles break down;  by TPD motorcycle cops, AZ rangers. My long white beard Helps. Kids think I am "Santa Claus""..

  • 9 months ago

    It is because you have delusions.

  • 9 months ago

    The ONLY women getting hurt are the ones putting up a fight when arrested.  It's called resisting arrest. GOT IT????  If you're arrested, COOPERATE and keep your dang mouth closed. Then you wont get hurt.

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