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My mother is on a Facebook picture having alcohol with alcoholic uncle (her brother). How do I tell her she is an enabler?

My mother spent my whole childhood doing character assassination against my father. She robbed me of much of my childhood by this. Her animosity was that he, my father, was an alcoholic. She insulted his whole family to me daily because she claimed they enabled him.

Now 25 years later my father has died after my Mom robbed me of a childhood with him and my mother is now supporting her brother's alcoholism. When we were with him last summer and he drank the whole weekend my mother told me not to tell anyone. When I saw her picture on Facebook with him just now she is having a drink with him. When his wife left him partly cause of the drinking, my mother blamed the wife.

So how do I tell her she is a hypocrite for robbing me of my Dad and yet enabling her brother who has the same thing? My Mom's brother is VERY SIMILAR to my father.

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    i wouldnt say nothing, she probably wont listen anyways

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    i would just stay out of it

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    I've yet to meet a single human of any age who isn't sometimes a "hypocrite". It's quite the human condition. Be careful of yourself. It's highly possible your mother didn't want to LIVE with an active alcoholic. Doesn't mean she isn't willing to have a brother she can sometimes socialize with. That's not particularly hypocritical.

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