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How to get out of Christmas?

So my live in girlfriend and I like to spend Christmas alone.We live with my Mom.And this year we wanna spend Christmas alone again.We have done this in 2017 and 18.1st year we did it with no problem.Last year it was ugh again???My Mom is going over my sister's house.(She's a *****.)And I know if I say we wanna spend Christmas home again.She's gonna flip and say come on it's the 3rd year in a row your not gonna be here.We wanna spend our day watching the BB games,playing our new PS4 games were gonna get.(I bought as a gift.) and just have a good time with each other.Even go to our 24 hour diner for our own Christmas dinner.But my mom already said to  my sis.Oh yes,Rachel,Kelly,and me will be there.Like what the F Mom.We really don't wanna go bc she has a 3 year old son.And he controls the TV with cartoons,and not to metion ROWDY as Hell.Also when we get there we'll just be sitting there watching cartoons until dinner's ready.Which would take a good 2 hours.Then another hour and a half of sitting around before desert.Then another 2 hours of just sitting around watching cartoons and having this kid jump on us the WHOLE time since my 4 other sisters won't be there with their kids we're my nephew's only playmates.(Lucky winners.)So help how to get out of this dinner?Merry Christmas to all.

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    This is funny to me because when I lived away from my siblings, I never wanted to join them for the holidays either. I felt just as distant and betrayed.

    But now that we're together again and living together, it's like 2nd nature.

    No matter what problems you have, they can be set aside for ONE DAY.

    So... I think out of love and respect, you should at least make an appearance. Spend time with the family for at least an hour. Then leave and spend the rest of Christmas at home with your girl.

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    i would just be thankful you have a family to visit with over christmas, wish i did

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    How are your other 4 sisters getting out of it? I think the problem here is you live with your mom and feel an obligation to go to please her, because you feel like you owe her something because you and your girlfriend live with her. You should get your own place. For now, just say you don't enjoy going and don't want to go and leave it at that. If she complains just still don't go because that's how it is. No one can make you go.

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    Consider converting to a religion that doesn't celebrate Christmas. Seriously, just tell them you aren't going. End of conversation. When they say but but but, you say we aren't going, we don't like christmas at sister's not going, end of discussion.

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