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How do I put this into Shakespearean Style?

Turn our dark night into the down, 

It's early spring. 

The trees have blossomed, 

My eyes' cloud is raining, 

This cage is dark and shabby, just like my heart. 

Thou, fiery sigh, 

Set this cage on fire, 

Thou, Nature's hand, 

Don't pick up my life's flower! 

Thou, the love bird, 

Make the separation tale short,

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  • Vivian
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    9 months ago
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    Turneth our dark night into the down,

    t's early springeth.

    The trees has't did blossom,

    mine own eyes' cloud is raining,

    this cage is dark and shabby, just liketh mine own heart.

    Thou, fi'ry sigheth,

    setteth this cage on fireth,

    thou, nature's handeth,

    picketh not up mine own life's floweth'r!

    Thou, the loveth bird,

    maketh the separation tale sh'rt,

  • Tina
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    9 months ago

    What does "Turn our dark night into the down" mean?

    And do you mean, 'turn it into a Shakespearean sonnet?

  • 9 months ago

    Shakespeare style is really a sonnet: 3 stanzas, a couplet, ABAB rhyme, iambic meter, etc. I did two stanzas from what you had, so the third one needs to reverse the theme, and the couplet needs to consolidate all the stanzas.

    Turn down the dark into an early spring

    For trees have blossomed wide and flowers grow

    My eyes are clouding by the rain but sing

    Inside this cage so dark and doesn't know

    Your fiery sigh that sets this cage on fire,

    From loving doves, please tweet it sweet and short,

    Please Nature's hand, don't make the flower sour

    When life returns despite the evil thwart

  • 9 months ago

    too many allusion in one sentence don't pile them up also what happened to spring?

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  • Fin
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    9 months ago

    When you say Shakespearean style, are you wanting to make it a sonnet or just sound more poetic?

    Sonnets have a basic format of 14 lines, with a rhyme scheme of every other line in the first 12 lines (the quatrain) matching and then the final 2 lines (the couplet) rhyme with each other.

  • Bill
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    9 months ago

    Change "it's" to "'tis". You already have some "thous".

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