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Help choosing a dog breed?

I'm looking to get a dog and was hoping someone could help me out with breed ideas! At the moment my main consideration would be a Dalmatian. I'm looking for a dog that has as least doggy odour as possible, (I know this is part of having a dog and is largely unavoidable), I like active dogs but also ones that you can just chill with instead of them always running around the house (my cousins have always had spaniels like this lol), and I also wouldn't want a super small dog, I'm a big fan of large dogs but I know they're also usually harder to care for and of course take up more space so I'm not fussed on this - chihuahuas etc I couldn't do though! Any help would be great! Thanks :)


Also I'd of course try to limit how long the dog was left alone but one that isn't necessarily prone to separation anxiety would be better just in case I get called in to work for a few hours on an odd day.

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    Dalmatians are not good family dogs and do not tend to be patient around other dogs and small children. They are overbred and we are only just NOW coming down from the spotted craze, all because of Disney and 101 Dalmatians. My family had the one out of a billion Dals that was actually incredibly sweet and calm and a good dog, but LORD, did she have a million and one health problems. I would never get another Dal again. I have met other Dals and many are indifferent or straight up mean. You may have met ONE that was nice. Of course, all dogs are nice when they are puppies, then they grow. Every other Dal I've met has been mean, growling, indifferent, nervous, snarling messes. 

    I would consider going to a shelter or rescue for a dog. Get a good, hearty mutt. Purebred puppies cost a lot of money. Purebred dogs are hardly seen in shelters and get snapped up as soon as they are posted. Purebred rescues are another option, but are notoriously picky about the rehoming process. 

    I think every beginner, and in this case, I mean getting a dog ON YOUR OWN, should get a rescue. Once you get some experience, time, and money on your hands, you can entertain the idea of a specific breed. Until then, so many unfortunate mixed muttlies are in desperate needs of homes and shelters are still in desperate need of room. 

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    Get a Basset Hound - they're amazing!

    Don't get a German shepherd - they're total jerks.

    Source(s): owner of Basset Hounds for 57 years.
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    A stuffed one

    Dalmatians are one person dogs that have a LOT of energy and need special training 

    All dogs have a smell. If you don't like that then get a toy one

    You are 17 as well so you can't own a dog and can't adopt or buy one and clearly won't take care of it

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    Soft coated wheaten terrier

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    WHY would you think a Dal has any less "DOGGIE ODOR"..... than any OTHER short coated (non-oily) breed, or less than a non-shedding breed?  THAT IS INCORRECT!   So unfortunately, you are off to a bad start.

    Other than LIKING a larger SIZE dog (and there is QUIET A SIZE RANGE - including GIANT breeds) you have given us very little to go on.  I suggest taking some breed CHOOSING TESTS and when you whittle it down to 3-5 breeds and have met or gotten to see (IN PERSON) all of them, then quiz us on them, if you want more details or comparable information. 

    this test ask the most questions about you & your lifestyle:




    Info on 180 different breeds:


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