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My dad says I'm the worst singer he's ever heard?

So a few days ago I posted a video of me doing a vocal/piano cover of one of my favourite songs from 2019.  At the beginning of the video I mention how I can't sing to save my life but I really enjoy the lyrics of the song and I obviously apologized in advance for my terrible voice. A few people here and there liked it including my stepmom.

When I get home my dad mentions how he heard me singing.  I tell him that's cool.  He then proceeds to go on about why I would post myself singing online for everyone to hear and basically what was I thinking.  I try to explain to him that I was just doing it to have fun and unless I'm an amazing singer or an extremely awful singer people probably won't spread my video of me singing and it won't go viral so I have nothing to worry about.  Even though I think I'm bad I don't think I'm the worst singer in the world.

My dad goes on about how I completely embarrassed him and the family and he doesn't want people he knows seeing the video of me singing due to how bad it is.

I'm posting the video here and you guys can let me know if my dad is right or if he's over exaggerating a bit and if he is right do you think vocal lessons could help me, because I do realy enjoy singing even though I'm not good at it.  Thanks to any feedback.

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    I think he’s over exaggerating. It really wasn’t that bad. If you wanna take vocal lessons it wouldn’t hurt to try cuz it wasn’t a great vocal tbh but I wouldn’t call it so bad it’s embarrassing to the human race or anything like that. I’ve heard waaay worse. If you like singing, sing all you want. Do what you enjoy and don’t let your stupid dad stand in your way of it. 

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    Obviously, the people who complimented you are just being nice.

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    Dad acted like a ****. Even if he didn't like it, even it it was the worst he had ever heard, he didn't have to be so brutal. Does the man have a pause button? Did he just want to hurt your feelings?

    Honest if a good thing but there is such a thing as being brutally honest. It's not always necessary.

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