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What steps to take when moving abroad?

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    You will need the appropriate visa for your purpose & duration of stay prior to entry to the country. E.g. if you want to work temporarily, you must have all necessary qualifications for some type of employment visa, then find an open position with a qualified employer, and IF you are the applicant hired, the employer must apply for your employment visa. Only if approved for & receive the visa can you enter that country & start working for that particular employer. If you want to remain permanently, perhaps eventually qualify for citizenship, then you must qualify for & obtain an immigration visa.

    Once you have the appropriate visa, the next steps could vary.

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      Your first consideration is which visa do I need, and what do I need to qualify for it?

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  • 2 months ago

    1 - figure out where

    2 - research the visa requirements, and see if you meet them

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    First you generally have to have a job lined up and then you have to get a visa that allows you to live and work in the country. It's not easy to move to another country. You can find requirements and forms you'll need on the consulate/embassy web sites of the various countries.

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  • Rick
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    step ON the airplane, step OFF ...........................

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