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Is it okay for a person under 18 to take Aspirin for a minor headache?

A friend of mine, 14, recently said she had a headache, couldn’t find anything, and took an Aspirin for it. I’m just wondering if that’s okay because I thought Aspirin was used for more serious stuff like heart attacks.

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    Aspirin can be used for arthritis heart issues heart attacks or strokes Headaches fevers swelling aspirin also helps blood flow it expands your veins. As long as she is not on any other medicine the person should be fine on taking aspirin as long as they are not allergic to it. Next time I would recommend calling a parent and asking if it would be safe because aspirin can react to certain medications and can have allergic reactions. Many people have them and some are where it swells there throat close or other reactions

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    these thin the blood and sometime damage the liver, so they are used in small dose of one-or-two days.

    take around 100mg. aspirin and 2x 200-mg. ibuprofen, with a cup of coffee.

    acetaminophen is also used for headache, in small doses for short periods of time. 

    what is the difference?

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    No, children and teenagers who take aspirin can get Reye's Syndrome.

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    Aspirin is a blood thinner and should most likely be fine for someone under 18, unless they have some sort of condition that would make it bad to take it.

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    yes, thats fine. 

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