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Do you think this is a good or bad situation to make a thin value bet?

I was playing anonymous fast fold poker, and I player the following hand:


I open raise 3BB in the Small Blind, and the Big Blind calls.

FLOP: QdJd | 2sJsKc

I bet half the pot, and my opponent folded.

What do you think of this bet, and my reasoning?


> He would definitely have raised preflop with hands like: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, maybe AJ

> I have blockers with other hands that beat me: KJ, AJ, KQ,

> He could still have hands like KT, K9, K8s, 22

> Hands in his range that I currently beat, and that could call: JT, J9, J8(s), A2s, K2s, TT-33, any flush draw.

What are your thoughts?

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    My educated guess (as someone who hasn't yet studied with solvers) is no, it's not a good flop to cbet (at least not often), because doing so makes your checking range too weak (and you do need a checking range). I think your cbets should be more polarized. Bet when you have more value or when there's more equity worth stealing. With QJ there, you already have plenty of showdown equity, and you wouldn't be thrilled about getting called and playing the rest of the hand OOP.

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      Happy new year, Trakken! Btw my phrasing coulda been better: the flop is good in general for your range, so it's one you'd bet plenty, just probably bad for betting QJ specifically. Anyway, a year from now, I'll be able to answer your GTO questions more authoritatively.

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