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Why doesMy daughter keeps getting weirdly out of breath when excersising?

She is very active and once the football season started back and she began playing football again after summer, nothing unusual but she noticed she was very out of  breath and felt like she couldn’t breathe, these episodes happen very often to this day and have not gotten better, it often leads to her panicking on the pitch etc. she does not have an asthmatic past or wheezes etc. 

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    Sports induced asthma is a thing. It only comes on with exertion. I would look into that. Assuming she doesn't vape.

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    Look up exercise-induced asthma. Many people don't have symptoms any other time.

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    It would be wise for her to stop participating in highly aerobic activities until she is evaluated by a doc.   Without seeing a doc, its not even possible to know if this is a problem with the respiratory system or the heart. 

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    There are quite a few possibilities, but they would need to to be medically investigated. Asthma can occur at any age, but there are other reasons as well. Start with her doc and you may need cardiology and pulmonology.

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    even though she might not have had asthma in the past it can be triggered by certain exercises so get her checked for it anyway because it's dangerous to do sports with symptoms like these 

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