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How do I punish my 15-year-old daughter without losing my temper again?

My 15-year-old daughter did something horrible. She got suspended from school because she got slapped by a girl in a class. My 15-year-old nosy daughter got involved in an argument with another girl and my mean child called the girl's mom ugly but the girl's mom passed away. My daughter basically called a dead woman ugly. The girl slapped her and I think my child deserved it. How do I punish my child for making that kid angry? My 15-year-old sounded as if she was embarrassed but if she was truly sorry this would have never happened.

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    Start with her writing a heartfelt apology to the other girl for those hurtful words. Then maybe five things she likes and admires about the girl.

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    good dam gawd u are SUPPOSED to be on UR kids team!

    calling a dead woman ugly is not horrible, and ur kid should of smacked the sh!t out of the girl who hit her.

    shes already been punished why do u gotta make it worse. calling a dead old woman ugly is not a huge crime.

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    She’s learning her behavior from someone, instead of punishing her, ask her what caused the argument, i don’t think she should have gotten suspended from school for getting slapped, when she goes back to school, she should apologize to the girl 

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    Well to be honest your daughter got her behavior from somewhere.

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    It seems as though your toddler has already been punished

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    Find out why your daughter is arguing with other classmates, and help her learn to avoid this. Learn what the triggers are so she can then get along with others, even if they are mean to her in the first place. 

    Help her learn to just walk away, and also to respect herself so that the taunting of someone else does not set her over the edge. This is not something deserving punishment, but learning how to cope.

    She should apologize to the other student.

    I don't think your daughter should have gotten suspended, but the school should have intervened in the situation. The school needs programs on anger management, as well as how to get along with others. Perhaps have your daughter volunteer somewhere, and you go with her.

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    You don't punish your child instead you remove the child from public school for a year and put them in remedial School that's a private school that you pay for that works with children that has behavioral problems. And after a year perhaps the child can be reintroduced to a public school.

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    I do not understand why you feel you have to punish her for getting injured by an over-emotional tweeb at school. Sounds to me like you are judgemental and mean to her. I know kids can be a challenge, but it doesn't help when you are mean and hateful.

    Punish her for getting suspended. Make leaving school SUCK! Take away all electronics, don't let her go anywhere at all, and make her read a book and hand in a book report to you-- at least 5 paragraphs.

    Keep it for later.

    Then, listen to her side of it. Maybe she had a reason. Maybe she didn't know or care that someone had died. You need to know this about her. Somehow she has gotten mean and hateful. Wonder how.

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    Wrong, Bucko.

    No one deserves to be hit. You have a bigger problem if you think your kid should be hit for any reason.

    Is that what you do, hit?

    Your kid was hit for a verbal comment.

    You see nothing wrong with the kid hitting her not getting suspended?

    Your priorities are skewed.

    Go defend your kid at that school. That other kid should get twice the suspension.

    You need to mellow out. Take a class...smoke pot. do something.

    Do it after you go set that school administration straight.

    I have trouble believing they both were not suspended immediately.

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    8 months ago

    take away something she loves

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