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How do you deal with Ballet Tights as a male ballet dancer?

Hi, I'm starting to do ballet as a guy, but I'm pretty nervous at the prospect of wearing tights for class. How do I get over the embarrassment that I know is coming?

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    It is doubtful you will have to wear them. At least not as a beginner. Standard male ballet attire in class is a white tee shirt, black ballet shorts or black leggings  (over a dance belt) and white socks with either white or black ballet  slippers. You need to check with your school to see if they have a dress code.  

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    I'm a female dancer, but my brother is a dancer so I know a few things. You'll need to get what's called a "Dance Belt," that male dancers use to keep everything down there in check. It's usually a thong-like garment, but full-seated ones are available to start out with if a thong is too much to handle in the beginning. That will go under your tights, and will help you feel much more, well, contained.

    Other than just getting the right equipment, I can suggest just talking to other male dancers! Their experiences can help you feel less embarrassed about the prospect of tights or whatnot. They all went through it successfully, so you can too!

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    Just go ahead and TURN GAY... YOUR A ******* to be dancing BALLET in toights... GROW SOME REAL BALLS and GROW A DICk and Then figure it out for yourself while everyone is laughing at you behind your back you little sissy boy..

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    You won't be wearing tights. Female ballet dancers do but guys wear white t shirts and black leggings.

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    I love watching men in tights! Especially if they get aroused a bit. So entertaining, and exposing. 

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    Wear a blonde, frizzy wig, a clown's red nose, pink Doc Marten's boots and a mongoose costume that's about 6 sizes too big. You'll be so embarrassed by that lot that you'll forget about the tights.

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