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It is my dream to make anime but I'm Australian?

Will I ever be able to make anime? Is it racist if I am successful? How do I even go about making it?

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    First of all, you start out with manga. Anime is animation. Manga is comics.

    And of course it's not racist. Many non-Japanese draw manga.

    Be aware though, it takes a good decade to be draw manga even remotely well, as the simple art of manga needs to be absolutely perfect to not look awful. Every line is extremely important, and the tiniest mistakes breaks the entire image.

    There are plenty of guides on how to start out drawing manga and anime on the internet, literally hundreds of free guides.

    Also, get a drawing tablet for PC and use Manga Studio (Manga Studio is a fantastic drawing program, also for non-manga drawing, has an insane library of awesome pencil and brush-emulations)

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    I have a white Australian friend that probably has the same ambitions with you

    Y’all would get along 

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    I think "Anime" is just the genre? You'll probably be fine. Just start making what you want and put it out into the world to get attention.

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    you learn how to draw and create animations. There are schools for that.

    anime/cartoons are both just animation. If you now how to draw, animate or edit animations well, you can get in the business.

    A great example would be Mounty Oum, the creator of RWBY. He was just a weeb 3D animator who created fight videos on youtube start final fantasy characters and eventually he got to create his on Weeby show - RWBY

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