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Why would someone with a degree in psychology be on Yahoo answers?

There is a woman who claims to be a licensed social worker with a PhD in psychology on Yahoo answers. Why would someone with those credentials waste their time on here? It seems to me they would be so busy with their practice that they wouldn't have the time to also answer questions on here? Her advice is pretty good but not excellent.

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    Why would somebody with a degree in psychology waste their time on yahoo answers where the dominant type of user is an online troll, likely with many deep mental issues, either lashing out due to past trauma, or with an overwhelming need for attention generally, just to name some? Definitely doesn't sound like a waste of time. These trolls may just be that persons sheep while they seek an understanding to the most disturbed human beings on earth. I bet that one would hurt a trolls ego. 

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    Having a PhD in psychology doesn't mean they have a practice or even a job though. If they did, it wouldn't be a 24/7 thing anyway. Everybody has their interests

  • Lili
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    8 months ago

    I hold a PhD, and I find YA very entertaining. I do so much serious work all day long that I enjoy coming here for what is basically mindless entertainment and a few laughs.

    I am also, recently, semi-retired.  I am now working only part-time. Perhaps the member in question works part-time, and I have to point out that someone with her own practice can pretty much make her own hours.

    Don't make assumptions. They are unintelligent.

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    I think she's full of nonsense.

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  • perhaps she just wants to help some poor blighters here.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Same reason active duty surgeons come running to natural disasters, health workers in all fields and disciplines have a duty to the public. Wherever they think they can be of service, one is required (sometimes written by law and generally unwritten by ethics) to be of service. Especially for people in "the sh*t" such as social workers, you know your 9-5 job is pointless if people knew little things like those that can be posted on Yahoo Answers.

    Right now, I know someone who is about to be homeless, fall back into addiction, and alienate anyone who can help them. If a professional can beat it into them or else someone can manage to bring to light on YA that "you don't need your own bathroom in a $1500 house when you make $800/month, your face will be everyone's shared bathroom if you can't compromise!"

    That can be accomplished, hopefully, on YA by answering "What can I do in this situation...?"

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    Sometimes  people  like to impersonate actual professionals because  they're  depressed with their own lives

  • Vicki
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    8 months ago

    Maybe she has days off, maybe she likes being here. Maybe she feels like YA needs someone like her. Like a YA superhero.

  • 8 months ago

    I would have thought that Y!A is an excellent study for psychologists.

  • 8 months ago

    Kids. Impersonating. Trying you on.

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