Tv series; late 80s; serial killer and the hunt that lasted 3 generations of police force...? "The terror of Delano" or sthg...?

"The terror of Delano" was the title in my country. The story of a serial killer that killed mostly hitchers, and the parallel story of a white and a black kid that become friends, their friendship lasts and they are those who eventually catch him. Please any info is welcome (actors etc). Thank youin advance!


It wasn't a very long TV-series; there were totally some 20-25 episodes, lasting ~50 mins each.

Update 2:

In the final episode, police arrive at the villain's home, but they find no clues. As they leave, one stumbles at something hard coming from the ground, which proves to be the handle a motorbike; this belonged to the previous police deputy, that the SK killed and burried in his yard (with the bike), as he did with the other victims.

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    Chiefs directed by Jerry London. Chiefs is set in the fictional town of Delano, Georgia, loosely modeled after Manchester, Georgia, situated at the base of Pine Mountain. The plot follows three generations of Delano police chiefs - Will Henry Lee (Wayne Rogers), Sonny Butts (Brad Davis), and Tyler Watts (Billy Dee Williams) - as they investigate a series of murders. 

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