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I need some help finding this song.?

I've looked everywhere for it. It originally came up on a pandora station for me.

I can only remember bits of the lyrics but it was sung by a dude and it sounded like it was from the 60s with the style of music.

The biggest chunk of lyrics I remember is

"Sorry if the thinktank didn't think the war plan through, sorry if your dead how can we make it up to you?"

It's played at 100bpm if I remember correctly.

I appreciate any help I can get, I've been searching for 2 hours.

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    I found something online that talks n shows the song lyrics for us troops from the 60s(maybe later)by a guy named Al Franken with lyrics you put on here, but I'm not sure if it's that guy that sings it or not. Scroll to bottom of page to see lyrics

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