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In UK if you have a blood test for liver and a couple of days later the surgery calls to ask you to make a routine appointment next week ?

(it is Thursday today) with a Doctor Weston, who you haven't seen for years, would you assume he is the liver expert and you have a problem?

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  • MARK
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    1 month ago

    Assume nothing. It does not mean anything serious has been discovered. It may be the results were inconclusive and the tests you had done need to be repeated. It could be the test results give the doctor no clear answer and he/she wants to do some different tests. It could be you will need a medicine and the doctor wants to discuss this with you before he/she prescribes it. I know that getting this kind of call can be 'scary'. It's happened to me a couple of times. On each occasion it was for something mundane and on several occasions I was a bit annoyed the doctor had even asked me to come in as I didn't see the need.

    I can guarantee that the doctor you will be seeing at your local surgery will be a GP. He may be a GP who has some interest in the liver (many GPs do have specific interests) but it will not be a liver specialist. If you have to be referred to see a hospital consultant and are sent to a local district general hospital you will be sent to see a gastroenterologist. To be sent to see a hepatologist (a doctor who completely specialises in the liver) you would have to be referred to a specialist regional centre.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I would assume nothing.

     If I was told to go to the surgery as soon as practicable after having such  tests then I'd  be worrying.

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