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Bunny depression?

My bunny used to hump his toys all day, everyday when he we first got him. Around a couple months we got him neutered and since then he hasn’t humped anything. Recently, he’s started humping again and gets spurts where he seems really sad. Normally he’s very happy, cuddly, and social. But I have noticed a difference in his attitude some times. I was wondering if bunnies can get depressed about not having baby bunnies.  Or even get depressed in general? 


We got him fixed about a year ago now. He’s also around a year and a half. 

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  • patty
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    3 months ago

    I watch a lot of vet shows and one vet was saying that u should always have at least 2 rabbits together as rabbits get very lonely, they would love another bunny to groom etc

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  • 3 months ago

    No. Rabbits don't get depressed for not having baby bunnies. They don't understand that. In fact, a father (or even a mother) bunny can attack their own babies after a few months. 

    But, yes, rabbits can get depressed, or bored. It is more likely he is bored. He may need some mental stimulation. Providing places to explore and investigate is one way. Provide not only plenty of free roaming time, but in that space provide large cardboard boxes with doorways cut out, cardboard tunnels, old phone book to destroy, seagrass mats for chewing. 

    See if that doesn't cheer him up. If none of that works, then you may want to look at finding him a fixed rabbit with which to bond. Bonding can be tricky, though, so read up on it beforehand. 

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