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Why do haters always find the negative in positive things you do?

It could be anything but these people tend to always find the negative in something positive they seem to always mention wat u didn’t do instead of wat u did do so why is this and wats the best way to deal with them

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  • Bobo
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    8 months ago
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    Welcome to reality.  Many people make an effort to "feel" better about themselves by bringing down those who out shine them.  Ignore and avoid these toxic people.  You get to choose with whom you associate.  

  • 8 months ago

    People who hate themselves are also more likely to hate others and be chronic complainers.

  • Rick
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    8 months ago

    haters just GOTTA hate's what they do.

  • 8 months ago

    They want you to feel uncomfortable, so seek whatever means they can to succeed. In bringing you down they feel as if they are elevated.

    An alternative to dealing with people like this is to talk about something totally unrelated. You could talk about the weather, sport, favourite colour or the newest exo-planet to be discovered. Any  subject that's not going to give them pleasure is a win for the decent people like you and an unsatisfying response to them.

    Initially they may press on with the attack or simply ask "what has that got to do with the matter at hand?".

    For this method to succeed you have to persist in the little game.

    If they accuse you of changing the subject or avoiding responsibility, look at them quizzically and ask "in what way do you mean?" 

    If they want to speak with you in a reasonable manner, then engage the person in friendly conversation. Yet as soon as they start on about something again, then the game has to continue. 

    Don't give then a win and they will eventually move onto easier prey.

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