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Can’t read clearly with contacts?

Hi everyone 

I have mild myopia (-0.75 both eyes) and have been recently wearing contacts to correct them

It works fairly well however I have noticed discomfort in reading my phone or books. The writing can be read but it is not as clear without them...

Is this normal with contacts?

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  • 10 months ago

    It's normal if you are 42. It is much less expected if you are 14.

  • 11 months ago

    Totally normal.

    You’re very slightly short-sighted, so wear contacts to give sharp distance vision. But doing that just shifts your range of sharp vision outwards. So stuff closer to you will be harder to focus on.

    It’s a trade-off. You don’t get something for nothing.

    You have two main choices: just accept that you need reading glasses for close vision, or speak to your contact lens practitioner as your lenses can be changed in one of two ways. You can go for varifocal lenses which offer distance and close-up vision depending upon which part of the lens you look through but they are expensive and not everyone gets on with them (I hated them). Or you can go for a far cheaper solution: the dominant eye gets a lens suited to distance vision, the non-dominant eye gets a lens suited to close-up (or even no lens at all). After a couple of weeks most users find that their brain automatically adapts to the unbalanced vision. That wasn’t an option for me due to the vision requirements of my job, so I just buy cheapo reading glasses and leave pairs all over the place as well as carrying pairs in my car and most of my coats/jackets.

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