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Is it bad to get a bachelor's in Business?

I want to go to school for business and after graduating get a M.B.A degree is this a bad idea? One of my teachers told me it's a horrible idea.


It was my French teacher.

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    Not a bad idea! There are so many things you can do with a business degree. I suggest looking up different career paths that interest you in business example finance, accounting, economics etc. talk to different schools ask to speak with the chair of the business department at each school you visit. Good luck!!

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    Degrees in Business are okay.

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    It isn't necessarily good or bad.  The reality is that "business" is the most popular undergraduate major.  Unless you attend a top university or get lucky, you may find it difficult to land a job.  Business is a very generic term as a well. Employers hire skills, not majors.  You have to be very aware of the skills you are developing as a result of your major and how those skills apply to the needs of an employer or any given job title.

    MBAs are not what they used to be. WHERE you get it and why you get it will also determine whether it is a good investment of your time and money. Don't just go into this blind.  Do so research.  Look at job postings. Understand exactly what your school's business major actually teaches you to do. Think about what it is you want to do as a job.  Work for a marketing agency, sell real estate, sell cars, work for a big 4 accounting firm, or what?  

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    Listen to your teacher! Business degrees, including BBA, MBA, accounting degrees, marketing degrees, etc. are a glut on most markets. Employers now want only proven performers, 3-5 years post-bachelor's experience in progressively more responsible positions with employer recommendation as prospective managerial-executive talent before proceeding to MBA. They disdain back-to-back bachelor's + MBA without any experience, and back-to-back BBA + MBA is held in particular contempt due to duplicative coursework.

    More desirable: bachelor's in engineering, computers, or other field, then 3-5 yrs experience in that field working your way up, then MBA for management or Executive MBA.

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    Do your research. You will need a four year Bachelor degree first.   Some MBA programs require you to work first. Some companies will pay for you to get a MBA.

    Research jobs, growth in the area and salaries.

    What special area to you want to work in?

    Some jobs within the business field do not require a  Masters degree for growth

    Read several sites and see what the over all advise is.

    You will need to present yourself well. Express yourself well. Have a well written professional looking resume, and be able to interview very well.  It is competitive out there.   

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    Don't listen to your teacher. An MBA is an excellent idea.

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    As long as the school is accredited, go for it. Do not let anyone discourage you. Just have a plan of what career you want.

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    It's not bad. But you'll want to have some idea of what you want to do.

    business what? Business management, finance, marketing, actuarial, advertising, etc.

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