Can someone help me solve this simple logic problem?

We have an assignment at school which involves a logic problem. The logic problem is just a small part of the assignment, not the entire thing. But I cannot figure it out! Could someone please help?

Here it is: A sailor has a rowboat and he has to transport 3 objects across a river - His son, his dragon and a bag of food.

He can only take one object on his boat at one time. So he has to transport the objects one by one.

He cannot leave the dragon alone with his son or the dragon will eat him. And he cannot leave his son alone with the bag of food or he will eat the food.

How does the sailor transport all 3 across the river?

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  • Laurie
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    1 month ago
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    The reason you have trouble with this is because you think there are only two locations where the items can be. However, in truth, there are THREE: side one of the river, side two of the river, and in the boat with the sailor.

    This is one way...

    The sailor will:

    1. Take the son across. Son is on the second side, and dragon + food are on the first side.

    2. Go back to the first side, and get the dragon. This leaves the food on the first side, dragon in the boat, and son on the second side.

    3. Take the dragon across and pick up the son. This leaves the son on the second side, the dragon in the boat, and the food on the first side.

    4. Take the son back to the first side and pick up the food. This leaves the son on side one, the dragon on side two, and the food in the boat.

    5 Take the food across. This leaves the dragon and the food on side two, while the son remains on side one.

    Go back to side one to get the food, and deliver it to side two. Now, everyone and everything is on side two.

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      Youre smart !

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  • geezer
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    1 month ago

    So ..

    1) Take the Son over .. leaving the Dragon with the Food

    2) Leave the Son on his own .. and go back and get the Dragon.

    3) Take the Dragon over .. leaving the Food on it's own.

    4) Drop the Dragon off .. but take the Son back.

    5) Drop off the Son .. and take the Food over .. leaving the Son on his own.

    6) Leave the Dragon with the Food .. and go back and get the Son.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    took son over 1st then

    took food over and son back

    then took dragon over and returned for son

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    • Gypsyfish
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      That's a very old problem. It's usually a fox, a goose and something else. I like the dragon twist on it. But we all had that problem in school.

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