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What to expect?

I’m riding metro bus for the first time because my car is messed up, but I’m nervous. Like will it be crowded and where do I stand at while waiting?

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  • Edna
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    2 months ago

    First of all, you have to determine WHICH Metro bus goes to your destination (its ''route' number'). Metro is a commuter bus. Phone Metro Bus Lines in your town & ask them which 'route number' goes to your destination and its hours of operation. You wait at that particular bus stop for your bus to come along. A bus's 'route number' is shown on the bus stop sign, and each bus's 'route' is shown on an illuminated sign above the front window of the bus.


    The bus may or not be crowded - it usually just depends on the time of day you get on the bus & how many other people happen to be traveling on that particular bus's route at that  time of day.  Metro buses are usually most crowded during the early-morning and late-afternoon 'rush hours' -  when commuters are traveling to and from work.

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  • Erik
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    3 months ago

    You stand at the curb.  Make sure you are standing when the bus arrives, because if no one is getting off, and you're just sitting on the bench, he might drive past you.  Often the bus is very crowded, so you might have to stand.  There's really nothing to be nervous about.  Just make sure you get on the right bus.

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  • 3 months ago

    If you are riding during the peak hours, to and from work, then it likely will be crowded.   You may not get a seat on the bus and will have to stand.  Hang on to the metal pole provided, as the bus will start and stop often.

    While waiting , you stand on the sidewalk about where the bus will stop.  Give a little room for anyone exiting the bus.  There may or may not be a shelter provided.  There will probably be other, more experienced, riders waiting there too.  Just like waiting for an elevator.

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  • Scott
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    3 months ago

    How would we know what to expect in your mystery location? You are asking for local information on a global forum.

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