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What does it mean when your feces looks exactly like cannabis buds?

I don't even do cannabis. I'm thinking perhaps I'm not able to digest plants anymore.


But why?  And what could be done about it?

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    I am sorry, but I do not know how cannabis buds appear? I am old! Quick study: green vegetables can make your feces look, yellow, green, brown, white(oily mucus). This is normal. Yellow feces have some yellow bile made by the liver, but stored in the gall bladder. This bile is released to the small intestine(22 feet long uncoiled)and some ends up in the bowels. To be very worried is if your feces are tarry-black and look like coffee grounds. This means there is bleeding somewhere within your digestive tract(mouth to anus). If you see this condition, call your doctor and he/she will mail you a new occult-blood collecting vessel(plastic bottle with screw cap) You are to take a small amount of feces on toilet paper and place in vial. You must take 3 samples, one from 3 bowel movements. The kit is prepaid and returned to the doctor who will have the samples analyzed.


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    1 month ago

    Green colour poop can indicate that food is passing through your colon too quickly, and fluffy ragged pieces can indicate high water content, or mild diarrhoea

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