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Are pills or IUD’s better for birth control?

I just want to skip my periods and regulate my acne 

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    It depends a lot on your medical history, not all women can or should use hormonal birth control such as pills. This is a question for your OB/GYN.

    Generally speaking, the best form of birth control is the Mirena IUD, since it has a low dose of hormones

  • Robin
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    WTF what stoneage backward country do you live in. My clinic has used IUDs since the 1970s

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    Both are effective forms of birth control. I've had both and I can honestly say I couldn't stand the IUD. You feel it during sex and it CAN be dislodged. It also made me cramp a ton more but thats just me. Some people have no complications and have no issues. I would read up on both and choose what's better for you. Also, IUDs can be removed easily at a gyno so if you decide to go that route, you don't HAVE to keep it. 

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    They are both highly effective as birth control. Which one you choose depends on your life. IUDs could maybe lessen your amount periods/stop them all together but it’s not guaranteed. Everyone reacts differently. Some people bleed more.

    With combined hormonal pills, you can skip your periods by skipping the placebo pills and starting a new pack right away. I think you’ll have more control with pills. Keep in mind, I’m referring to COMBINED hormonal pills. The mini pill does not have a placebo week, and so it’s going to be impossible to control your periods on it. The mini pill also has a chance at lessening/eliminating your periods, but again, not guarenteed

    Combined hormonal pills are great for helping acne. The mini pill won’t do a thing for acne.

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