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Bump on head?

Recently, I was having pressure in my head and ears and nose so I went to an ENT and they said everything checked out fine. Nothing wrong with sinuses. Today, I felt the back of my head and felt a bump sort of in the middle of my head, but on the back of my head, semi big and when I push on it, I feel pressure in my head. I know you guys are gonna day to go to a doc, but many of times it’s in your own head and costs a fortune. Anyone else had this? Or just me? Open to suggestions!


Also, for more info, I’m 18 and turning 19 this month. Female. The bump on my head is semi-hardish kind of feels like skull, and I don’t remember it being there, but then again sometimes you misjudge. No family history because I’m adopted.

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    There are many different kinds of bumps. From cysts, tumor, overgrowth, cancer, injuries, to inflamed hair follicles and bone spurs. There's literally no way anyone here can give you any remote idea of what it could be. There are way too many possibilities and what 1 persons bump on the back of the head, could not be what you have.

    So with that, go see a doctor. Give it a few days and if there's no change in size or it gets bigger, have a doctor look at it. It could be nothing serious or could be something that needs to be lanced, biopsied or removed.

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