Would Tom Scholz, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, or Gary Moore have been good with Ozzy if they had played with him?

George was the original choice twice but was fired the second time cause of his looks. Sharon did not want an alcoholic with Ozzy thats why in 2008 he called back Jake cause Zakk was drinking, George to me seemed very disciplined and could have created very disonant sounds with Ozzy.

Schenker I read in an interview Ozzy called him up to replace him after Berne Torme but he could not cause it would have disrespected the band he was in and he was promoting his current album.  Have not heard much of him, but he could probably create cool rock riffs and nice soloing but less on the rhythm side.

Gary Moore was great using the blues, but Ozzy always hated when Randy or Jake would play blues or Jazz but Ozzy wanted Moore as the original player before Randy. Thing is too around that time Van Halen was out and the whole Les Paul thing sort of became a thing of the past (until Slash came), and everyone was using tremolo bars dive bombing eve Jake used the nut to dive bomb cause he never had a bar, not sure what Moore would have done.

Tom Scholz would have been nice too. He created great harmonies with Boston and even had great acoustic pieces like Hitch a Ride, Amanda, and More than A Feeling. Ozzy had some harmonies in Mr. Crowley, Peace of Mind had great harmonies so he and Ozzy could have worked that out. 

2 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    Lynch would have been the best fit

  • 8 months ago

    Don't know that much about the others, but Tom Scholz was in charge of everything he did. He would never have worked under someone else. He was not a sideman.

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