My ankle was run over by a forklift at a business. What do I do?

My ankle was run over by a forklift at a business. I was standing in line when the drive reversed without warning while cutting the wheel at a quick acceleration. At first the manager wouldn't write me a out a statement, after another customer said they would the manager changed their turn and wrote one out. I went to the hospital where x ray showed no fracture but my ankle is swollen 3x the normal size, purple and in and constant 6/10 pain level, with minor lacerations. Would you consult a lawyer?


Ankle has a grade 2 sprain with possible bone bruise. I wasnt at work, I was a customer at this establishment. Thank you everyone for posting.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Yes, absolutely. The forklift operator was not watching where he was going and should not have been that close to people in the first place.

  • Eva
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    8 months ago

    Perhaps. First of all, you should make sure the accident was reported to the business' main office. They should offer to pay all your medical bills + time off from work. You probably should schedule a consultation with an attorney. You don't want to sign off on anything until you're absolutely sure there's no lasting damage.

  • 8 months ago

    Are you part of a union? If you are, I would contact your representative to get you some kind of injury pay to help with medical bills and everything else till your ankle is better. If not, I would definitely get an attorney to file a workers comp claim. You were injured while at work, the least they can do is pay for your recovery.

    EDIT:---- Ahhh you were a customer!! Then yes, definitely get a lawyer as you should be compensated for any missed work and any medical bills.

  • marty
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    8 months ago

    You may be able to get them to pay the hospital bill ,but your injury doesn't merit any kind of large cash award to make it worthwhile to pay an attorney. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes. First, you need to go to your doctor and let them know exactly how the injury took place. Everything needs to be documented. Then, consult the lawyer because you probably have the right to file a lawsuit. 

    Source(s): I'm a nurse.
  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    A lawyer for what, exactly? Seems like you have a greater need to consult a doctor.

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