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How can I alter a small sized men's tank top into a large?

Today at the Goodwill, I purchased a small sized men's tank top. However, I wear a size large tank top.

Can I purchase excess fabric at the fabric store, that is the same color and texture of the tank top?

And then on each side , insert a few inches of extra strips to make it larger?

At home, I only have needle and thread, I own no sewing machine. Is this doable ?

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    8 months ago
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    IF you had a sewing machine it would be VERY easy to insert strips but without one they would never look good and probably fail where the stitches are. The other thing you would want to do is not even try and match the fabric as you simply will never be able to find an exact match.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Sorry but why waste your money on something that obviously isn't going to fit. No way can you turn a small into a large without ruining it. 

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    8 months ago

    Well, a skilled semstress could slit the garment up the back and sew in a panel to make the garment wider. Dunno what your skill level is though

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    Seems unlikely- I think what I'd do in your boat is find a color of fabric you like and cutting out four semi rectangles, cut the middle of the front and back of the shirt out and sew it all together then to make a bowling shirt t- but sewing isn't as easy as it looks, chances are your first several tries will suck- I'd probably practice on any old and tornup clothing you have first.

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