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If you have a receding hairline as a guy, what can you do to grow hair back?

What can you do to make your hair grow back that works? Has anything been invented to fix that issue? I don't like the balding look and don't know why men are bald on top, but keep hair around the sides and back?? Balding is a sign o lost youth. So are white and gray hairs...ewww. Why don't men dye their hair additionally? 

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    You would have to see a doctor and ask them. As far as I know hair transplants are the only thing that can replace hair loss, or wearing a toupee. I've noticed, some men do dye their hair, my husband does that. But I think most guys think dying hair is for women. 

    Balding isn't the only sign of 'lost youth', it also comes with wrinkles and sagging skin. You just have to keep up with it, or start an anti aging regime earlier in your life. 

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    8 months ago

    < what can you do to grow hair back? >

    Really nothing.  You can use Rogaine and it does work but as soon as you stop, you lose the new hair.

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    Talk to your doctor about hair regrowth products or hair plugs. There's nothing "ewww" about it (and users of legal age to use the site, wouldn't use that to refer to hair loss or hair color).

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    If the hair folic so is dead there’s nothing you can do, without a healthy hair folic all there is no where for hair to grow from. All you can do is use preventative measures to help you keep what’s still on your hair. Shampoos like nioxine and rogain can help reduce hair loss and help hair grow back but only if the follicle is still in tact 

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    You can't grow your hair back and balding is not a sign of lost youth, I've seen boys as young as 14 who have started to lose their hair. Stop being so judgmental and see how you feel when you're a bit older.

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