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Which of these female wrestlers is improving the most: Dana Brooke, Carmella, Lacey Evans, or Liv Morgan?

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    I think it's Lacey Evans that's improving the most out of the four. Her Wrestling Ability has increased and it can be showed by that well constructed last man standing match with Natalya. She hanged on well and made it easier for Natalya to carry her through the match. She still needs massive improvement if she wants to be a great wrestler. Her Mic skills are pretty okay but that needs improvement as well.

    Dana Brooke is actually decent in the ring and it showed during her match against Asuka at NXT and she wrestled an okay  match with Sarah Logan. Maybe if she was paired off with someone like Charlotte, her true abilities could be unleashed. Mic skills.........not very good though.

    Carmella is easily the best talker out of the four and she has loads of charisma. She's  also improved in the ring but it can still be difficult to get a decent match out of her and she has a limited moveset.

    As for Liv Morgan, she's not a bad wrestler in any way. In fact, I think she is the best  wrestler out of the four. She just has a good wrestling foundation. I think she didn't go to the military, engage in bodybuilding or come from Tough Enough. She did some backyard wrestling. Morgan could actually be a great wrestler but she hasn't shown what she can really do. WWE could have made her into something when she got repackaged but they made her get involved with Rusev, Lashley and Lana. She also has charisma and she can talk.

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    First interesting question in this section this year. I'd say Carmella. She's gotten a lot better. 

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