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What female wrestler in the business has the best combination of wrestling ability and beauty?

Either in the past or present.

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    There's a lot of women wrestlers that have a great wrestling ability and great look. Kairi, Charlotte, Sasha, IO and Asuka all have those qualities.

    Charlotte looks nice but she isn't the best wrestler in the company or even in the top three.

    I think Asuka is the best wrestler but Kairi is more attractive.

    Kairi is really attractive but she is not the best wrestler in WWE.

    IO is the best wrestler in NXT but I think Kairi is more attractive than her.

    Sasha Banks is both an attractive lady and a great wrestler but Charlotte is better than her.

    There's also Ember Moon and Bianca Belair.

    Trish Stratus was a great wrestler when she was a regular wrestler and she performed very well against Charlotte Flair.

    Lita was a good wrestler when she was a regular wrestler.

    Close one. If Mandy Rose had the wrestling ability similar to Asuka, she would easily be the best out of the entire division.


    I'll say it's between Banks and Moon. Probably Banks.

    What do you think, Spyro?

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      Btw, do you like anime? I notice your avatar is of an anime character. Who are your favorite anime characters?

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  • 3 months ago

    Lita and Katie Lea Burchill. I cared more about their looks and personailty though. I never really cared about their wrestling ability

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