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Was 2000 in the same decade 1999 or 2009?

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    2000 was the beginning of a new decade and was in the same decade as year 2009.

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    idk. I threw away all of my old calendars.

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    8 months ago

    For the umpty-ninth time:  There wasn't a Year 0 (Zero).  That idea didn't come to the Western world until about the 10th C., while the Gregorian calendar was use is modified from the Julian, which started being used c. 525.

    Across the world, we all start counting at 1(one).  When we count to one hundred, we end on a number that ends in a double zero (00).  

    All decades begin on a year that ends in 1 (one).  They all end on a year that ends in a zero (0).  

    The year 2000 was the last year of the Second Millennium, which began on 1001.  It was also the last year of the 20th C.  It was also the last year of the decade known as "the 90's", which ran from the 1st second of 1 Jan. 1991 & ended at the end of the last second of 31 Dec. 2000.  

    It astonishes that SO many people continue to be so F-ing stupid about this.  Did none of you go to school?    .    

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    8 months ago

    Same as 2009. In chronology starting from a year 0, a decade follow the same pattern.

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