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Best way to get rid of fleas? ?

We live in a woodsy area so fleas and ticks are pretty bad around here, and it’s cold out. I know I have to treat the yard, but how can I get rid of them in the house and on the dogs? I’ve tried flea shampoos and sprays from Walmart but they didn’t do much. 

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    Sprinkle & brush borax on dog. Sprinkle everywhere else. Works for cats.

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    Take the animals to the vet and get safe and effective flea treatment for them there. In 50 years of having pets, that's the only thing I have ever found to be effective.

    Shampoo doesn't work because at any given time only 10% of the fleas that are in your house are on the animal, and those are the only ones affected by the shampoo.

    Before the modern flea prevention products your vet can supply, I used to comb, shampoo, vacuum, launder, and do all the other stuff you were supposed to do to control fleas. There were still fleas. Maybe not as many as if I hadn't done that stuff, but still quite a few. I could comb the dog every day and get 10 or 15 fleas off him every day.

    The day my vet recommended a new flea control product to apply to the dog, I used it. The next day I combed the dog. I found four fleas. Two were dead. and two didn't look too lively. That was about 20 years ago and since then, in spite of having one or two dogs and as many as four indoor/outdoor cats, and living in heavily wooded areas, I have seen an average of one flea a year. And once you have eliminated the fleas in your immediate environment, you may be able to apply the product less often. You're supposed to do it every month with the one I use, but I haven't used it for a couple of years now and there are still no fleas.

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    If you cannot eliminate the infestation outside, you will have fleas inside. Any product with Pyrethrin or Permethrin is an instant kill. Works great on fleas, it was what I used in my grooming shop on other people's dogs. I have spray my yard with it & dipped my dogs in it & sprayed my home with it.

    I don't have flea problems but I have had tick problems in the past. currently I have no problems with ticks.

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    For the house, you need flea bombs. For the dogs themselves, there is a monthly chewable, Nexguard. It normally requires a prescription from the vet and is quite expensive. What you might be able to do is get a larger size and cut it to get the proper size for your dog. That will lower the price.

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    I use 'neem' bark powder which is sprinkled on the dogs food and neem oil which I das a coat finisher weekly after grooming them........ as far as the house goes if your dogs have fleas then they are in the house and have laid eggs which hatch as soon as a hst walks by and  can be dormant for months, so you need a complete clean at least 3 times in ten days a flea life cycle is 3 days, they hatch, feed. lay eggs and die so you need to completely get rid...about a teasp of neem oil can be used in warm water to clean floors, walls, etc, a cotton wool ball with neem oil on in your vacuum bag will kill any fleas/eggs vac'd up.

    Grass cut short, hard surfaces cleaned and neem protects from ALL parasites, so fleas, mites, ticks and worms and also boost the dogs immune system 100% natural, so no poisonous chemicals like flea shampoos or vet meds

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    get you some bifen and a pump up sprayer .. be sure to read the label thoroughly ...

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