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How to fill out Predominant Place of Employment?

I've never even heard of this. I'm very confused. It's asking for some kind of percentage of how much I earn? I don't even know. I'm applying for a job that is in the city next to where I live. I work at another job in my city that I live in. If I get hired then I will be making the majority of my income at this job, but I still make a decent amount at my other job. It says: "Select the closest percentage of total earnings in city of ***** - Outside city limits:" So what do I do for the percentage? It has under 25%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% as choices.


I can't move on to the next question. I have to pick from the percentage options. I don't know how much I will be making at this new job, because I have not been hired yet. I don't even know the wage I will be offered.

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    Choose either 40% or 60%.  That's close enough, given what you describe.

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    The place you're currently working, if you are still in another job. If you've got several part time jobs, you list either the one that pays you more or the one that you spend more working hours at.

    If you HAVE no current employment you put NA (not applicable) and move on to the next question.

    The % question is pretty straightforward.

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    They ask that question so they can figure your tax deductions for their jurisdiction. It's pretty simple to calculate. Write down approximately how much you earn from one job (either weekly or monthly), then do the same for the other job. The larger amount is your Predominant Place of Employment.

    To find the percentage of the lower paying job (the one outside city limits), just divide the larger total into the smaller total.

    Example: You make $500 in Job 1 and $1500 in Job 2. Job 2 is the Predominant job. Then divide 500 by 1500 to find the percentage you earn in Job 1, to get.33, or 33%. 33% is 8 numbers away from 25% and 7 numbers away from 40%, so 40% would be the closest.

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    Put a100% if your working only in that city.

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