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What places on campus could be interesting to an urban explorer? I want to make a mauraders map of campus where to start?

I want to make an extremely detailed “mauraders map” of every single room on campus and map the location of all secret areas of the campus.

What areas would potentially be interesting? We plan to explore common campus areas during the day, and explore more secret areas at night to avoid getting caught and possibly expelled.

How could we safely explore laboratories? We plan to enter the labs at night so as to not stumble into an active lab with chemicals actively “cooking”. Would goggles and masks be necessary in inactive labs?

Is elevator surfing a viable way to get into the mechanical room at the top and possibly access the rooftops? How do we get on top of the elevator car?

How could I justify visiting the administrative offices to get in and map this part of the campus?

Would this be possible to do?

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  • drip
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    3 months ago

    University classroom buildings are usually locked up at night. And sercurty guards patrol the buildings and campus.

    If the building are not locked up, all classrooms, especially labs will be locked.  Many labs have alarm systems.  My son in law has a doctorate in chemistry. Chemistry  Labs are never unmanned if an experiment is running.  Breaking into a chemistry lab can land you in trouble with the police. And expelled.

    Exploring is one thing. Breaking and entering is another. 

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