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Would Silver goes with Brown Animal print?

I plan to wear a white turtleneck and black satin bustier and black blazer which both has silver accents and probably either riding boots or combat boots. But I m debating about the pants.People say Animal print (not sure what exact print the pants are) is a neutral but at same time many hate combining silver with brown/warm colors. My style is on the edgier style (heavy inspired by 80 s and 90s rockers and grunge aesthetics) but I ve classic tendencies (match-matchy, traditional rules etc) with how I pair items which I find hard to "unlearn". Now, I do NOT care what your opinion about wearing animal prints are (tacky, slutty, whatever ), cause I m not asking YOU to wear it, but what is your opinions teaming silver with this type of prints that are black and brown?

Occasion does not matter. I m only asking about the color combination!

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    I think they look good together, go for it.

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    1 year ago

    Gold goes with brown tones, silver with blues and white.

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    With your style the answer is easy, leather leggings. No choice here, that's honestly your look. Do you own a pair?

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