Why do people think hypothermia isn’t an illness?

My dictionary defines a illness as the condition of being in poor health and people with hypothermia are in poor health so therefore hypothermia is a illness.

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    8 months ago
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    Probably because most see it as a short-lived condition that can be easily rectified and see an illness as more long term. But according to 

    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), it is an illness. They have a page titled "Cold Related Illnesses" and the first one that appears as you scroll down is hypothermia. 

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    Hypothermia is the environment causing damage, see it more as the opposite of sun burn. An illness usually stems from a bacteria, viruses or an unbalanced amount of chemicals in the body (such as low iron or low serotonin). Since Hypothermia isn’t these three, it doesn’t count as an illness. So why does is its name share similarities to viruses or bacteria’s, well hypo meaning low amounts, and thermia meaning heat in the body. This tells us a diagnosis of how hypothermia works, it makes our body’s too cold to warm up against the cold, usually killing our cells in the process making them turn black. See when we are sick with the flu let’s say, if we are in a warm or cold environment it doesn’t matter we have the flu. But if I take some one suffering from hypothermia to a warmer place they start to loose the effects instantly. That’s the line, when a person is sick due to something in there body’s it can’t be altered by the environment, where as hypothermia can. That’s the difference between illness and bodily harm/damage. And with dead cells on the body bacteria cause them to become infected and start the decomposition not hypothermia. 

    Well I hope this helps with your question. Have a good day / night.

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    cause its not an illness

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    Thanks for sharing!

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