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Can leaning on your hand cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

I've had a very bad habit of laying on my side with my head propped up in my left hand (Non dominant hand), palm facing up. I would lay like this for a while before my hand would go numb and my wrist would feel stiff.

Yes I know I was stupid that I should have stopped after the first time.

While I was a work I dropped something slightly heavy and felt pain when I tried to keep a hold of the item with this hand, and dropped it.

That's when I noticed a small lump on the side of my wrist. The lump is about 2cm in width and length, and is located on the side where my thumb and palm are (Palm side up). The lump feels more like bone then a pocket of fluid.

I've stopped leaning on and putting any pressure on this wrist, and don't use it unless I need two hands. I feel aches from the location of the lump and no loss of grip or mobility of my thumb and fingers.

But has what I been doing something that causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

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  • k w
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    1 month ago

    no, but just massage it, to make it feel better......and keep moving the way you prop yourself up and massaging and it won't become an issue.....

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes, it sure can. 

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