How would a person with Moon in first house come off?

What does this placement indicate? I'm referring to the personality but I know it has something to do with appearance. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Once again, everywhere on YA answers it's signs, signs, signs, EXCEPT, when they're needed.  Then it's crickets.  To even attempt to answer this question requires the sign the Moon occupies, how close it is to the ASC, and whether or not the Moon sign is the same as the ASC, plus aspects to the ASC. 

    The ASC describes the native, physically as well as the "all-important" personality. All important to teenagers, that is.  A psychologist defines the personality as everything we are inside.  Teenagers and young adults who should know better define it as the way we behave in front of others. If we limit it to that, then it is a kind of mask. It's not just the ASC, though.  It's planets occupying the first house that are close to that point, the ruler of the ASC, aspects to it etc.  From that it is often possible to get a somewhat broad description of the appearance.  It will not tell us if that person is good-looking, an exact height, or even the gender. I know of one outstanding 20th century astrologer who said the ASC was 80% of the horoscope. 

    It's NOT a mask.  That was something made up by a 20th century astrologer who was hung up on Sun signs, and felt it necessary to explain away the importance of the ascendant so the "I'm a Pisces; she's a Taurus" crowd could identify with a genuine horoscope. If you look back into astrology's history, you will read phrases like "Born under a bad star."  That referred to the ascendant and its condition, not the Sun sign. Sun sign columns only date back about 90 years.  Astrology goes back over 2000 years.  If you said "I'm a Gemini" to William Lilly, he wouldn't have understood what you were taking about. And if you paid him for a reading, he would have described moles and scars on your body hidden by clothing. 

    • My Moon is Leo conjunct Leo ASC at 9°40'. I also have Venus trine, Pluto square and Mars trine the ASC...all within 1-3 degrees.

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    The first house represents our "social mask". The Sign on our 1st house (our Ascendant/Rising Sign) indicates the behaviors we hide behind when we are in a situation where we are socially uncomfortable.

    A planet IN the 1st house is an inner need that we do not hide from others .. .they see it easily.

    No, it has nothing to do with appearance. The Ascendant is the "appearance" of our PERSONALITY. NOT our body. That is a common misunderstanding, but study astrology long enough and you will see that it is a misconception.

    Whatever source is telling you that the Ascendant has to do with the body appearance, this lets you know to avoid that source. It is miseducating you.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    There are two types of astrologers.

    Some claim that Moon in the 1st house is similar to Cancer Rising because the 1st house is ruled by the Ascendant and Moon rules Cancer. This theory is bull💩

    Then another astrologers say that Moon in the 1st house is  similar to Moon in Aries and Moon/Mars aspects simply because Aries/Mars/1st house represent the very same archetype. I have to agree with this. I have Moon in the 1st house and I totally act like a Moon in Aries. Like there have been astrologers that have asked me right off the bat if I was an Aries Moon. Moon in the 1st house people (me included) do NOT look like or act like a Cancer Rising. We don't come off as shy, reserved, quiet, etc. Moon in the 1st house people are VERY open and direct with their emotions, what you see is what you get, they are not fake, if they are happy they laugh, if they are sad, they cry. They are quite simple to read. 1st house is a FIRE house, ruled by the Cardinal Fire sign Aries and its ruling planet, Mars.

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