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Why have people changed their perception of me?

I have noticed that some people have changed their perception of me lately. I have seen these people for about two years, almost every day. At first when I met them, they seemed happy but also a little bit jealous and sceptical of me. I have always been a genuine and honest person, so it seemed like they had some sort of prejudices towards me. As time has gone on, they have learned more about me and all the difficulties I have gone through in life. They have simply changed how they look at me, nowadays they seem more serious and depressed towards me, but they look at me with respect also. What does it mean and why is it like this? 


@SoyBoy well maybe sad is a better word than depressed. It's like they want me to be around them also but they are too afraid to say it so they are sad when I do not want to spend time with them.

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    It is more probable that it is your own perception of other people that has changed. You cannot possibly know what others think or feel about you.

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  • 1 month ago

    They look depressed near you? That doesn't sound good at all. I think they are mocking you and you just don't understand it. People won't change that easy.

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