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How often do I have to clean snow off my car in Toronto in the winter?

Is it everyday? And how long does it usually take? What's it like in other parts of Canada?

Please answer all questions if possible please.

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  • 11 months ago

    It depends how often it snows and if you park your car outside or underground.

    Can't really tell you more than that but normally it's not more than a couple times a month. Takes a few minutes and be prepared to remove it all, including that stuff on your roof, because you can get fined if the cops see you riding around with a big mound of snow up there. It can fly off at high speeds and cause accidents.

  • 1 year ago

    Every time it snows.  Which ain't that often in Toronto.

    I suppose it happens more often in Toronto than Miami, but it's still not that often.  The Big Porkchop doesn't get snow every day, sometimes not even every week.

  • In Toronto (and other parts of Canada) it doesn't snow every day. Some winters can have more snow storms then others. So as for how often you will have to clean off your car, that depends on how often it snows and how often you drive. This year, it hasn't been too bad with snow, in Toronto. Northern Canada and the Parries, winters can be snowy and very cold. I remember one year we had a lot of snow, in Toronto. A snow plow broke down when it was removing snow from our street. Look up average snow falls for areas you're interested in knowing about.

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    No.  You have to clean snow off the sidewalks everyday.  You only have to do your car whenever you drive it.

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  • 1 year ago

    Whenever it snows, which in Toronto is not that often.

    I live in the Yukon Territory, where it snows when it gets warmer.  But, the snow is super dry, as it is so cold.  It is a lot like flour - just brushing it off takes only a minute or two, and needs to be done about half of the mornings.  Further south, where it is warmer, one can get freezing rain, or, snow that freezes on to the windshield.  That can take quite a while to scrape off!  15. or 20 minutes even if it is particularly bad.

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    You clean your car off when it snows. That could be every day, every few hours (if you need to go out while it's snows) or not for weeks (or months in the summer time).

    It can take from 2 minutes to 15, depending on the amount of snow or if it's ice that needs to be scraped from the windows.

    For example, it hadn't snowed much for a week and yesterday the area got hit with a fair amount of snow (between 4 and 6 inches) though nothing like the storm that just hit Newfoundland (which got up to 30 inches of snow in a day).

    Snowfall amounts in Southern Ontario are probably about on par with other areas in Canada, likely a bit less than the east cost and more than the extreme west coast (where the climate is a bit more moderate and rain is more common in the winter months). Canada is a big country and the climates/snow amounts/average temperatures vary greatly. You can look up historical temperatures on a number of websites along with average precipitation amounts.

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    No more often than it snows on your car. Driving with snow on a ar is a hazard and a crime.

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