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Can people who craft prescription... ?

Eye lenses find out what my lenses are in other words if I was to take my prescription eye glasses to a store who crafts lenses and frames to buy find out what my lenses are and be able to make them? Instead of going to the eye doctor and they fill out on paper your prescription lenses? 


That goes to all lenses and frames stores. 

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    They should all be able to read the power in your lenses and make lenses the same prescription. It may not be legal for them to do so. You run the risk of slippage from your original prescription. Most of us played the game of Telephone sometime in our lives. In this game, the same sentence is repeated from one player to the next. In the end, a comparison is made between the original statement and what the last person heard. Often they are not recognizable as the same. Making new glasses from reading your old ones gives several opportunities for incorrect copying.

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