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Daughter nagging for a car... what age to buy car for a child?

My daughter who is aged 17 has recently received her P1 license in NSW. Her best friend of the same age was gifted a new 2019 Mercedes Benz by her parents and my daughter has been nagging me to buy her one since. I am a single mother who is not as financially comfortable as her friend's family in the sense that I can not afford to buy an expensive car in addition to paying for the more expensive insurance and registration. I have told my daughter however she calls me selfish and throws a childish tantrum. I am more than willing to buy her a good and safe second hand car less that $20,000 however she said she will intentionally crash it as she does not want a 'cheap' car. I was debating on whether or not I should purchase her a car as I own one which works perfectly (Mitsubishi ASX) , I take public transport to work as it's more convenient so she would be using it more than me anyway! I have come on here to ask, when did you get/give your first car and what age do you think is more appropriate for a first car?


Update: I would also happily buy her a second hand luxury car, I've seen an ad for a $18,000 2012 BMW however she refuses to drive an old car. I'm unsure of what to do.

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    If you indulge your daughter with a car that she promises to crash, then you are a fool. That Sassy daughter of yours needs to learn a lesson. If she were my daughter, under these circumstances and demands, I would not buy her car of any kind. Know how no way would any child of mine blackmail me into getting what they want, especially by threatening to destroy a vehicle that I have purchased with my hard-earned money.

    I have no idea what the Dynamics of your relationship is and how spoiled your daughter has been to have the audacity to ask for such an expensive vehicle or promise to crash one of lesser value.

    If I were you I would tell her that because you cannot afford a brand new vehicle for her and she's going to crash anything of lesser value, that there's no point in discussing getting your car anymore. Then don't buy her a car until she comes to her senses. And then you tell her if she crashes the car, insurance will either pay to have it repaired or if it's totaled, she'll have to get a job and buy her next car herself.

    There is no way on Earth that a teenager is responsible enough to drive even  a  used $20,000 vehicle. If you break down and purchase a $20,000 used vehicle or manage to finance a car of more value, you are a fool.

    I don't know what kind of parent you are, but the fact that your daughter is acting like a spoiled child who wants another piece of candy speaks volumes.

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    Since she's threatened to crash NOT buy her one at all.   Tell her if she wants a car - GET A JOB and pay for it herself.

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    The primary reason any parent  buys car for their child is to get out of the responsibility of having to drive them around yourself, and to insure they get to all the places they need to go.  So you buy the car when they are licensed and the anger of playing chauffer exceeds the expense of buying the extra car.  As to what car, that isn't up to the child.  Beggars can't be choosers.  She will not refuse to drive a lesser car when the alternative is no car.  But you already knew that.

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    No age. If a teen wants a car, he or she can get a job and pay for it..

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    Tell her to get a job and earn what she gets.  

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    It is the perfect time to buy a child a car when she has half the money herself. and can afford to pay the insurance by herself.No issues, arrests, bad behavior etc., is of course best.

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    If she's throwing a temper tantrum just because she wants a car, make her pay for it herself with her own money. Tell her that she needs to get a job such as working at McDonald's or something so that she can earn enough money to buy her own car. 

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    You can't actually be this dense. Do you not have anything better to do with your time than write still stories?

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    Her friend's parents must be rich. I would find a nice 3-5 year old car, cheap, reliable and let her USE that.

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    What my Father did- what I'd say you might consider is buying a cheap car that needs a bit of work then working on it with them- if they want the car bad enough they'll put in the effort and show some responsibility showing up and working on it and will be more likely to be super careful with it- when you have to be the one to help fix it if something goes wrong you tend to  take  more care to make sure you don't have to.  If ya know cars or have an S/O that does I recommend it- and in that case it doesn't matter what age you get it for em, it won't be running quite yet.

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