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are Chinese zodiac signs similar to Western Astrology's zodiac signs? (like how the Rat or Dog compares to what in Western Astrology?)?

I have read i think that the Monkey is Gemini? what about the Horse? and how similar are the characteristics for each to Western Astrology's descriptions ?

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    Idk but I know ox is Taurus. 

    Rat is supposedly Sagittarius and rooster should be Virgo. Tiger is Aquarius. Dog is Libra, Dragon is Pisces. Horse is Cancer. Leo is sheep and Pig is Sagittarius. Monkey will be Capricorn.  Rabbit is Aries. Snake is Scorpio. 

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    Nope, Monkey is Leo... Gemini is Horse... Horse is opposite of Sag which represents the rat... Get it together.

    Furthermore, monkey, rat, and Dragon are the same element, making dragon the equivalent to aries.

    I know these things.

  • Horse is Gemini, Monkey is Leo .... You can Google western zodiac equivalent to chinese zodiac

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    These questions are more common late January. Pick your poison. One discriminates people born in a thirty day or so period of the year. The other for entire years.

    A common thread is the number 12. Easy to divide while one sign more or less is a prime. Of course there are scams that combine the two failed fortune telling systems into a third.

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